House or Commercial Building Washing

Pressure washing your home or commercial building’s exterior is ideal for maintaining a fresh, clean appearance.  It is the most effective and efficient way to remove dirt and grime that has built up over time.  Cannons Pressure Washing experts are trained to visibly inspect your exterior for cracks, mold, and insect infestations while pressure washing.  This helps you to maintain your property value and ultimately prevent further damage.

Cannons team is also trained to understand the value of safeguarding your property and landscaping.  We soak plants with fresh water during and after to dilute any chemical residues and take the extra time to protect all parts of your home that might be impacted.

No-Pressure Roof Washing

Using high pressure when cleaning a roof is ill-advised.  Cannons Pressure Washing in Vero Beach exclusively uses the AR45 dedicated soft wash roof system. This device was specifically designed for cleaning roofs without damaging roofing material.

Regular roof cleaning can not only improve the look of your property, but it can also keep your AC bill lower. A dark-colored, moldy roof is known to cause cooling bills to increase significantly due to the heat absorption properties of a dark roof.

Cannons Pressure Washing takes time to use gutter bags and will generously spray down any plants with plenty of fresh water to protect vegetation before, during, and after our cleaning.

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Shingle/Barrel Tile Roofs

Cannons Pressure Washing’s protocol for roof washing is to apply a bleach and water mix to an asphalt shingle or barrel tile roof tiles and let the mix dwell. We do not rinse the roof, which gives the mix plenty of time to kill and loosen the algae from the roof. The next one or two rains will rinse the remaining dead algae off the roof. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have a different protocol. We first pre-wet the roof to cool down the metal. Then we do a spot test to see if it oxidizes. If the metal is aluminum, not steel, it has a higher chance of oxidizing, which causes a smoke-like appearance to the metal. If the test spot does not discolor, we will spray a small section at a time with a bleach and water mix on the roof. Then we will rinse that area after 5 minutes of sit time. We will continue to clean the rest of the metal roof the same way.

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Driveway Cleaning

In addition to the normal dirt and grime any exterior surface faces in Vero Beach, Florida, driveways also encounter regular exposure to car oils, coolant leaks, runoff, chewing gum, pollen, and more.   Concrete is porous and will show the effects sooner and be more difficult to clean.  You have probably noticed that your garden hose seems inadequate to remove the deeper dirt, leaving your driveway dingy. 

Our concrete driveway cleaning service helps remove deep dirt, molds, organic stains, and rust.  We also offer brick paver sealant to protect your asset once well cleaned. 

Pool Cage Cleaning

Vero Beach is the perfect place to dip in a cool blue pool.  However, the climate and sea air can make it hard to keep your pool cage clean and fresh.  Cannons Pressure Washing can get the cobwebs, dirt, mold and grime off easily and keep your pool area sparkling clean.  We use environmentally safe substances and know how to clean your screen enclosure safely to protect the cage, the screen, and the pool you enjoy.

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Brick Paver Driveway Sealing

Using a two-part sealer that is more UV resistant and highly absorptive, Cannons Pressure Washing helps you to maintain and even restore your brick pavers.  Left unsealed, they will fade in color and eventually grow mold and mildew and become stained by daily use, which can lead to the need to replace them.  Replacement is much more costly than maintenance and sealing. 

Contact Cannons Pressure Washing in Vero Beach, FL, today for a free, over-the-phone quote on your home or commercial exterior needs.  We are here to help you keep your exteriors brilliant and protected.